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Class Form Progression Booklets

Below are printable versions of the Form Progression Booklets for the Tuesday 7.30pm Wu Tai Chi class at Sutherland Multi Purpose Ctre, 123 Flora Street, Sutherland.

Wu 108 Slow Form Progression Booklet: Print PDF

Wu Sensing Hands Progression Insert: Print PDF

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Video of Complete 108 Wu Slow Form

108 Slow Form Video

Want to Warm Up First? 'CLICK HERE'

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Wu Tai Chi 108 Movement List

GREEN = Lesson Sutherland Tuesday 7.30 pm

Gold colour = direct link to movements

CLICK: Printable PDF Version

Level One 36. Left Open Kick 72. Lower Posture
1. Preparation Posture 37. Left Heel Kick 73. Right Golden Cock
2. Beginning Tai Chi 38. Brush Knee x 2 74. Left Golden Cock
3. Hands Play Guitar 39. Planting Punch 75. Repulse Monkey x 3
4. Grasping Birds Tail 40. Turn Body Hammer 76. Slanting Flying Posture
5. Single Whip 41. Right Pat Horse 77. Raising Hand, Step Up
6. Watch Low Hand (6 - 10) 42. Right Open Kick 78. White Crane
7. Raise Hand, Step Up 43. Strike Throat (43 - 48) 79. Brush Knee
8. White Crane Cools Wing 44. Fighting Tiger Posture 80. Needle in Deep Sea (80 - 89)
9. Brush Knee Step x 4 45. Parting Leg 81. Open the Fan
10. Hands Play Guitar 46. Strike to Ears 82. Turn Body Hammer
11. Side Loops (11 - 19) 47. Left Toe Kick 83. Side Loops
12. Block & Punch 48. Turn Right Heel Kick 84. Block & Punch
13. Withdraw & Push 49. High Pat Horse (49 - 57) 85. Grasping Bird's Tail
14. Crossing Hands 50. Side Loops 86. Single Whip
15. Diagonal Brush Knee 51. Block & Punch 87. Cloud Hands x 3
16. Turn Body Brush Knee 52. Withdraw & Push 88. Single Whip
17. Grasping Bird’s Tail 53. Crossing Hands 89. High Pat Horse
18. Diagonal Single Whip 54. Diagonal Brush Knee 90. Palm Strike Face (90 - 99)
19. Fist Under Elbow 55. Turn Body Brush Knee 91. Single Lotus Kick
20. Repulse Monkey x 3 (20 - 26) 56. Grasping Bird’s Tail 92. Brush Knee
21. Slanting Flying Posture 57. Diagonal Single Whip 93. Lower Punch
22. Raise Hand, Step Up Level Three 94. Grasping Bird's Tail
23. White Crane Cools Wing 58. Hands Play Guitar (58 - 69) 95. Single Whip
24. Brush Knee 59. Part Wild Horses Mane 1 96. Lower Posture
25. Needle in Deep Sea 60. Part Wild Horses Mane 2 97. Seven Star Posture
26. Open the Fan 61. Part Wild Horses Mane 3 98. Ride the Tiger
27. Turn Body Hammer (27 - 33) 62. Forward Parting Hands 99. Palm Strike Face
28. Block & Punch 63. Jade Lady Weaving 1 100. Double Lotus Kick (100 - 108)
29. Grasping Bird’s Tail 64. Jade Lady Weaving 2 101. Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger
30. Single Whip 65. Forward Parting Hands 102. High Pat Horse
31. Cloud Hands x 3 66. Jade Lady Weaving 3 103. Palm Strike Face
32. Single Whip 67. Jade Lady Weaving 4 104. Turn Body Hammer
Level Two 68. Grasping Bird’s Tail 105. High Pat Horse
33. Right High Pat Horse 69. Single Whip 106. Grasping Bird's Tail
34. Right Open Kick (34 - 42) 70. Cloud Hands x 3 (70 - 79) 107. Single Whip
35. Left High Pat Horse 71. Single Whip 108. Closing Tai Chi

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Personal Training with Stephen Procter

Want to deepen your understanding of Wu Style Tai Chi, accelerate your learning? One on One training with Stephen Procter are available for $70 per hour within the Sutherland Shire / St George area in Sydney Australia. Ph: 0466 531 023

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Movement List Detailed Breakdown

Click Pictures
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1 & 2. Beginning Tai Chi --Detailed Explanation --

Chin tucked in, arms by side, weight evenly balanced
Shift weight in right, step across with left
Feet paralel, shoulder width, weight even
Wrists cicle up, elbows come down, by your side sink down
Weight shifts right leg, touch left heal. right hand, left wrist<
Turn on left heal, shift weight, turn right toe, touch right heal

Tai Chi Picture

Tai Chi Picture

3. Hands Play Guitar --Detailed Explanation--

Weight in back left leg
Touch right heal, leg no weight
left hand touching right wrist
Eyes watching hands

Tai Chi Picture

4. Grasping Birds Tail --Detailed Explanation--

Right palm turns facing upwards, breathing in
Right hand circling from left side to right side breathing out
Hand movement is controlled by the turning of the waist, not shoulder
Watching the right hand moving with your eyes
Gentle like a small bird is sitting on your palm and you don’t want to disturb it

Tai Chi Picture

5. Single Whip --Detailed Explanation--

Right hand forms a hook, fingers and thumb all touching
Left hand moves from right to left, breathing in Left hand turns at end of movement, breathing out
Follow left hand with eyes
Relaxed like slowly cracking a whip

Tai Chi Picture

Tai Chi Picture

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Wu Tai Chi 108 Practice Video

Preparation Posture, Grasping Birds Tail, Single Whip. Five repetitions of these movements from the Wu 108 Slow form, filmed from front and back view to help my students to learn the movements.

108 Slow Form Video
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