Wu Tai Chi Tai Chi System

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Wu Tai Chi Traditional Forms

This section contains movement lists and videos of these traditional Wu Tai Chi forms.

'CLICK HERE' 1. Wu 30 Simplified Slow Form
'CLICK HERE' 2. Traditional Wu 108 Slow Form
'CLICK HERE' 3. Traditional Wu 108 Fast Form
'CLICK HERE' 4. Wu Pushing Hands System
'CLICK HERE' 5. Wu 90 Heaven & Earth Sword Form
'CLICK HERE' 6. Wu 56 Seven Star Sword Form
'CLICK HERE' 7. Wu 98 Single Broadsword Form
'CLICK HERE' 8. Wu 56 Double Broad Sword Form
'CLICK HERE' 9. Wu Traditional 24 & 13 Spear Forms

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Tai Chi-Chaun Ching by Chang San-Feng

Tai Chi Classic

This is a support classroom for study of the Tai Chi Classics, the verses have been broken up for study of the individual characterstics of each line so that we can all learn to apply them in our practice. Regardless of the style linege or expression of your tai chi you practice, if it is to be developed to a deeper level it should be based on following and understanding the wisdom pointed at by the elders in these classics. If the tai chi you practice does not lead to deep understanding of and closely following these classics then it is headed in the wrong direction.
enjoy, Stephen Procter

Classic Study Section CLICK HERE

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Wu Tai Chi Pushing Hands

Wu Style Tai Chi has an elaborate Pushing Hands system that can is performed with another person to improve your balance and deepen the understanding of Wu Tai Chi. Without understanding and practice of Pushing Hands it is not possible to fully understand and improve your Slow Form.
Slow Form improves Pushing Hands, Pushing Hands improves Slow Form, they can't be separated. This System still exists today due to the diligence of lineage holders from first to sixth generation in Wu Tai Chi in the Shanghai branch. The Single Hand methods are the starting point for learning this system, traditionally there are five methods though there are seven methods that can be practiced.

Pushing Hands Study Section CLICK HERE

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