Tai Chi Classroom - Moves 8 - 13

42 Movement Wu Style Slow Form

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8. Block and Punch
Tai Chi Picture Both hands hang by right side
Step forward left leg, shift forward
Loop both hands on right side to front
Sink back in right leg, left hand forward, right arm by right side
Shift forward, punch right hand

9. Withdraw Back
Tai Chi Picture Left hand under right arm
Turn both palms over, sink back

Tai Chi Picture

Play Guitar to Pull Back

10. Repulse Monkey x 3
Tai Chi Picture Stepping backwards, shift back, step back
Weight stays on front leg, back leg straight
Hands change, low hand brushes over knee of forward leg knee
Top hand spirals, pushing forward until slight tension appears at bottom of palm, breathing out
Eyes watching top hand

Tai Chi Picture

Repulse Monkey x 3

11. Slanting Flying Posture
Tai Chi Picture Turn to left, right hand at left elbow, left elbow back to the centre of your body, breathing in
Arms together, left palm up, right palm down
Separate hands, like a flying swallow, left hand and arm goes up diagonally
Right hand and arm goes down diagonally, breathing out
Eyes watching right hand
Strong and accurate feeling, like a small sparrow flying sideways

Slanting Flying Posture

12. Needle in Deep Sea
Tai Chi Picture Right hand circles up to left, breathing in
Eyes watching left hand
Right fingers point down and sink towards the ground, breathing out
Eyes watching right hand
Left hand moves towards right elbow, palm facing towards it
Feeling of sinking deep down into the ocean

Tai Chi Picture

13. Open the Fan
Tai Chi Picture Right hand from low moves forward to left diagonal, breathing in
Eyes watching right hand
Left hand pushes forward, right hand pulls back, like pulling the string on a bow, breathing out
Eyes watching left hand
Spring like relationship between forward and back hand, like a fan unfolding

Needle in Deep Sea, Open the Fan

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