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42 Movement Wu Style Slow Form

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Video of Complete Form - Plus Verbal Instruction

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About The Form

This form has been taken from the original 30 movement Wu Tai Chi Slow Form developed by Wu Ying-Hua daughter of Wu Jian-Chaun and third generation lineage of Wu Tai Chi Wu 30 movement Simplified Slow form designed by Wu Ying-Hua. The same sequence has been followed up unto the fourth Jade Lady Weaving, the last ten movements have been removed from this sequence starting from lower posture. I have done this to adapt it to the needs of some of my classes in which I am teaching people of lower mobility and postures such as Lower Posture and Double Lotus Kick are not suitable for enhancing their health. This means the traditional form finishes at movement no. 20 Jade Lady Weaving x 4. Within my own practice I have always practice all slow form as a righthanded and left handed form (sometimes called Mirror Form) and have found it beneficial to health through improving balance and co-ordination.
With this in mind at movement no. 20 Jade Lady Weaving I have continued the form into Grasping Birds Tail, Single Whip and Watch Low Hand, as is traditionally performed in the Wu 108 Slow Form. This then allows the transition into a mirror version of the form which creates this Wu Style 40 movement Slow Form which I teach today. It is suitable for people who have lower mobility, is easy to learn and a wonderful way to stay healthy in a busy life style. The benefits when practiced regularly are increased balance, flexibility, improved circulation, breathing and concentration which are something that we can all use more of.

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Wu Tai Chi 42 Movement List

Gold colour = direct link to movements

Right Side 15. Open kick - right 29. Withdraw Back - no push
1. Beginning Tai Chi 16. Open Kick - left 30. Repulse Monkey x 3
2. Grasping Birds Tail 17. Turn Heal Kick 31. Slanting Flying Posture
3. Single Whip link (3 - 7) 18. Strike Ears Double Fists 32. Needle in Deep Sea link (32 - 39)
4. Raise Hands, Step Up 19. Parting Wild Horses Mane x 3 33. Open the Fan
5. White Crane 20. Jade Lady Weaving x 4 34. Cloud Hands x 3
6. Brush Knee x 3 21. Grasping Birds Tail 35. Toe Kick - right
7. Hands Play Guitar 22. Single Whip 36. Toe Kick - left
8. Block and Punch link (8 - 13) Left Side 37. Turn Heal Kick
9. Withdraw Back - no push 23. Watch Low Hand link (23 - 31) 38. Strike Ears Double Fists
10. Repulse Monkey x 3 24. Raise Hands, Step Up 39. Parting Wild Horses Mane x 3
11. Slanting Flying Posture 25. White Crane Cools Its Wing 40. Jade Lady Weaving x 4 link (40 - 42)
12. Needle in Deep Sea 26. Brush Knee x 3 41. Grasping Birds Tail
13. Open the Fan 27. Hands Play Guitar 42. Single Whip
14. Cloud Hands x 3 link (14 - 22) 28. Block and Punch

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1. Beginning Tai Chi
Tai Chi Picture Chin tucked in, arms by side, weight evenly balanced
Shift weight in right, step accross with left
Feet paralel, shoulder width, weight even
Wrists cicle up, elbows come down, by your side sink down
Weight shifts right leg, touch left heal. right hand, left wrist
Turn on left heal, shift weight, turn right toe, touch right heal

Tai Chi Picture

2. Grasping Birds Tail
Tai Chi Picture Right palm turns facing upwards, breathing in
Right hand circling from left side to right side breathing out
Hand movement is controlled by the turning of the waist, not shoulder
Watching the right hand moving with your eyes
Gentle like a small bird is sitting on your palm and you don’t want to disturb it

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Beginning Tai Chi to Grasping Birds Tail

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Continue lesson - Right Side - Click Here

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