Wu Tai Chi 108 Slow Form

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Tai Chi Video Instruction


The first video contain instruction similar to how this tai chi form is taught during my classes, the 2nd video is of all the movements joined together filmed from front and back to make it easier for you to learn.

34. Circle Hands, Right Toe Kick - circle hands, step out left leg, kick, right hand & leg in line to right cnr
35. High Pat the Horse - weight in left leg, left hand on top
36. Circle Hands, Left Toe Kick - circle hands, step out to right leg, kick, left & hand, leg in line to left cnr
37. Turn Body, Left Heel Kick - straight in front, left hand, left leg in line
38. Brush Knee - left side
38a. Brush Knee - right side
39. Step forward Planting Punch - right hand

Engaging Your Waist 3

by Stephen Procter

All movement within your forms should be generated by your waist, start at very obvious postures where this interaction is easy to see such as grasping birds tail, single whip and cloud hands. Notice how these postures can be performed just by the waist and how relaxed your upper body becomes when you do it this way. Article Continued Below

Tai Chi Detailed Explanation Lesson 12

Toe Kicks to Planting Punch

Be careful not to be caught in the illusion that the arms are moving in the forms, their movement is actually very small, the main movement is really coming form your waist.

Look at grasping birds tail, observe how with leg and waist movements you can complete the whole posture without engaging your arms and shoulders. Work through your whole form now, not as something that has to be done by a certain time but as something that is interesting, investigate, experiment, look and see what is really going on there. Ask yourself how you can make optimum use of your energy and movement by performing the smallest movement possible. Once your waist is the axel and your body the wheel, everything will be pulled together, will unify and become one.

Video of complete movements for this lesson

Toe Kicks to Planting Punch

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