Wu Tai Chi 108 Slow Form

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Tai Chi Video Instruction


The first video contain instruction similar to how this tai chi form is taught during my classes, the 2nd video is of all the movements joined together filmed from front and back to make it easier for you to learn.

24. Brush Knee - left side, Hands Play Guitar - left hand, foot forward
25. Needle in Deep Sea - right hand
26. Open the Fan, Penetrating the Back - left hand forward, right back

Rotating the Hips 3

by Stephen Procter

As mentioned in the practice example rotating our hips also locks in and joins our hips, waist and spine as one so that they cannot move independently of one another. This is then also supplemented by the lowering and turning in of the elbows which then engages the hips, waist and upper body as one. This allows us to relax our upper body and generate all energy and movement from the legs and the waist, allowing it to transfer properly through our upper body and limbs. Article Continued Below

Tai Chi Detailed Explanation Lesson 9

Needle in Deep Sea, Open the Fan

Shifting Weight

by Stephen Procter

When the hips are rotated under properly they will then have the effect of lifting the weight and making our legs and feet feel lighter. This then makes weight shifting and stepping easier as well as it ensures that during this movement our centre of balance is always maintained. It also protects our knee joints as in the above practice example by making it impossible for us to shift our knee over our toe if we are in the proper stance. This also is an added bonus during pushing hands making it very hard for the opponent to break our stance and balance. Article Continued Below

Energy Flow

The proper alignment that is created by rotating the hips forward allows for free energy transference between the hands and feet and back again. This means that if you can relax your body to the right state any incoming energy absorbed in the upper body will naturally transfer down through the feet and into the ground. It also allows this energy to be ‘bounced back’ and returned to the source without any damage to yourself. From a health point of view proper alignment will allow chi to permeate throughout your body, from head to toe, allow proper cell breathing and health benefits.

Video of complete movements for this lesson

White Crane, Needle in Deep Sea, Open the Fan


The small adjustment of rotating the hips should not be underestimated but studied and understood, at first it may feel awkward but with practice you will find you will be able to easily maintain it through your practice without tiring and then reap the benefits.

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