Wu Tai Chi 108 Slow Form

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Tai Chi Video Instruction


The first video contains instruction similar to how this tai chi form is taught during my classes, the 2nd video is of all the movements joined together filmed from front and back to make it easier for you to learn.

27. Turn Body Hammer - turn right, right hammer
27a. Side Loops - shift weight to back left leg as your hands loop to the right
28. Step Back, Block & Punch - step back with right leg, right hand punch
28a. Sit Back, Step Forward - sit back right leg, step forward right leg,
29. Grasping Birds Tail - hands from left side to right side, then push to cnr, hook right hand
30. Single Whip - left hand foot towards left side, balanced

Engaging Your Waist

by Stephen Procter

Your waist is the centre of your balance, movement and perception; it pulls everything together and allows all parts of your body to function as one instead of separately. It is the master of all movement and functions like an axel in a wheel, all parts of your body are powered by and move around it. In new students of tai chi the function of the waist is usually separate if not totally absent, movement instead coming from many areas, generally the legs, shoulders and wrist. Article Continued Below

Tai Chi Detailed Explanation Lesson 10

Turn Body Hammer, Grasping Birds Tail, Single whip

This makes it hard to coordinate the movements of the form and relax; since movement is being generated by so many different areas it becomes difficult to move them all as one in a balanced way. Learning to engage your waist during practice will affect

a number of areas within your forms, only when your waist is the centre of creation for all movement can your upper body truly relax, proper waist movement allows the upper body to become soft and pliable because you do not need to use the muscles in your arms and shoulders to generate the energy. This allows the upper body to become fully yin, for the energy to transfer properly and for improved circulation and chi flow. Engaging your waist also serves as a connection between your hands and feet, all parts of your body move and are controlled by the energy generated by it.
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Video of complete movements for this lesson

Turn Body Hammer, Block and Punch, Single Whip.

This movement is similar to a mathematical compass; one point of the compass presses into one spot of a piece of paper, the end with the pencil then moves around this point drawing a circle. Our limbs are moved in a similar way by our waist movement, because the waist movement is always the centre of the circle, a very small movement of our waist creates a big movement of the arms and legs, similar to the movement of the compass. Learning to move in this way allows us to develop smaller circles within our form which generate large circles in our external movement, creating a spiral within which the energy travels.
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