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Introduction to the Form

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Wu Tai Chi 108 Slow Form

This is a video of the complete Wu Tai Chi 108 Slow Form that you will be learning during this online course. There are 23 lessons giving detailed explanation to aid you in the learning and development of your Tai Chi practice


What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is often described as a moving meditation because of the mental and physical relaxation it produces when practiced. It uses gentle slow circular movements, combined with deep breathing and concentration to create a low impact aerobic exercise that emphasises proper body mechanics. Relaxation of both your mind and body plays an important part when performing Tai Chi,.Once you learn to relax the movements have a gentle natural flow to them which is very pleasant to experience. Physical discomfort diminishes and mental worries drift away, everything functions the way it should. Aligning deep breathing with mentally following the movements and proper body mechanics you will relax both mentally and physically allowing your body to naturally regain health.

Slow verses Fast

Often the misconception is to the slow movements in Tai Chi do not give a proper workout, that you need to push yourself hard and “break a sweat” to get any benefit, this is not true. To perform the movements in a slow, relaxed and controlled manner throughout the full range of the movement gives a complete mental and physical workout that has the benefit of not putting any pressure on your physical joints.

Picture lifting some weights in the gym, the way most people perform a lift is to use initial muscle strength to start the movement then momentum to lift the weight up, then momentum to bring the weight down again. This effectively only exercises the muscles in the beginning and end of the movement but neglects the middle. If you were to do the same exercise but slowly lifted the weight up, then slowly lowered the weight down, they would find you would exercise through the whole range of the movement and also that you couldn’t lift as heaving a weight for as many repetitions. Link to complete article


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