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My name is Stephen Procter, I am a Wu Tai Chi Instructor in Sydney Australia and I am passionate about sharing my understanding of tai chi with you, I am a product of my teachers patience and I am teaching here to return that gift. I will be with you every step of the way, guiding and helping you on your journey, you are welcome to contact me through this website asking for advice on your tai chi forms and development.

Stephen PortriatMy first bit of advice to you is that the essence of tai chi can be found in any move, you do not need to know all 108 movements to start to study this, do not give into the urge to rush through the lessons, one step at a time is the path. As you learn each movement study and refine it, always ask yourself how can I perform this posture and find the deepest balance? How can I perform this posture with the least amount of effort of strain? How does this posture feed into the next one? What does it mean to change from Yin to Yang? This will take you in the right direction and as we travel together we will be studying and answering these questions.


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Understanding the Tai Chi Movements

The list below is of the traditional movements for Wu Style Tai Chi 108 Slow Form, the lessons in this classroom are based on these movements, you will be studying three movements at a time for ease of learning. Pay attention to the name of each movement, these aren't just used for fun but as an aid to learning, to help you remember and understand each posture. Learning the name sequence is like learning the alphabet, once you know the letters of the alphabet it is easy to remember the next letter in the sequence.

Image ABC Learn Your ABC's The letters of the alphabet have a set sequence that never changes, so has this traditional tai chi form, this works to your advantage. If I ask you what letter comes after G in the alphabet you will say H, if I ask what two letters come before N you will say L M. In this same way if you take the time, to not only learn the postures, but also to memorise the names of the postures in their sequence, then it will be easy for you to remember the movements in the form. Then when you are practicing in a park and come to section where you can't remember what comes next, you then go through the sequence in your head, the same way you would do when remembering the alphabet, and the answer will come..... Article Continued


Wu Tai Chi 108 Slow Form Movements

Gold colour = direct link to movements

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Level One 36. Left Open Kick 72. Lower Posture
1. Preparation Posture 37. Left Heel Kick 73. Right Golden Cock
2. Beginning Tai Chi link (2 - 4) 38. Brush Knee x 2 74. Left Golden Cock
3. Hands Play Guitar 39. Lower Punch 75. Repulse Monkey x 3 link (75 - 82)
4. Grasping Bird's Tail 40. Turn Body Hammer link (40 - 44) 76. Slanting Flying Posture
5. Single Whip link (5 - 8) 41. Right High Pat Horse 77. Raising Hand, Step Up
6. Watch Low Hand 42. Right Open Kick 78. White Crane
7. Raise Hand, Step Up 43. Strike to Throat 79. Brush Knee
8. White Crane Cools Wing 44. Fighting Tiger Posture 80. Needle in Deep Sea
9. Brush Knee Step x 4 link (9 - 10) 45. Parting Leg link (45 - 48) 81. Open the Fan
10. Hands Play Guitar 46. Strike to Ears 82. Turn Body Hammer
11. Side Loops link (11 - 13) 47. Left Toe Kick 83. Side Loops link (83 - 88)
12. Block & Punch 48. Turn Right Heel Kick 84. Block & Punch
13. Withdraw & Push 49. High Pat Horse link (49 - 57) 85. Grasping Bird's Tail
14. Crossing Hands link (14 - 18) 50. Side Loops 86. Single Whip
15. Diagonal Brush Knee 51. Block & Punch 87. Cloud Hands x 3
16. Turn Body Brush Knee 52. Withdraw & Push 88. Single Whip
17. Grasping Bird's Tail 53. Crossing Hands 89. High Pat Horse link (89 - 95)
18. Diagonal Single Whip 54. Diagonal Brush Knee 90. Palm Strike Face
19. Fist Under Elbow link (19 - 20) 55. Turn Body Brush Knee 91. Single Lotus Kick
20. Repulse Monkey x 3 56. Grasping Bird's Tail 92. Brush Knee
21. Slant Flying Posture link (21 - 23) 57. Diagonal Single Whip 93. Lower Punch
22. Raise Hand, Step Up Level Three 94. Grasping Bird's Tail
23. White Crane Cools Wing 58. Hands Play Guitar link (58 - 61) 95. Single Whip
24. Brush Knee link (24 - 26) 59. Part Wild Horses Mane 1 96. Lower Posture link (96 - 99)
25. Needle in Deep Sea 60. Part Wild Horses Mane 2 97. Seven Star Posture
26. Open the Fan 61. Part Wild Horses Mane 3 98. Ride the Tiger
27. Turn Body Hammer link (27 - 30) 62. Forward Parting Hands link (62 - 69) 99. Palm Strike Face
28. Block & Punch 63. Jade Lady Weaving 1 100. Double Lotus Kick link (100 - 108)
29. Grasping Bird's Tail 64. Jade Lady Weaving 2 101. Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger
30. Single Whip link (31 - 33) 65. Forward Parting Hands 102. High Pat Horse
31. Cloud Hands x 3 66. Jade Lady Weaving 3 103. Palm Strike Face
32. Single Whip 67. Jade Lady Weaving 4 104. Turn Body Hammer
Level Two 68. Grasping Bird's Tail 105. High Pat Horse
33. Right High Pat Horse 69. Single Whip 106. Grasping Bird's Tail
34. Right Open Kick link (34 - 39) 70. Cloud Hands x 3 link (70 - 74) 107. Single Whip
35. Left High Pat Horse 71. Single Whip 108. Closing Tai Chi

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