Latest Meditation Articles

by Stephen Procter

Happiness & Contentment

Meditation brings happiness and contentment into our lives by aiding us to free ourselves from the cycles of suffering in which we constantly find ourselves. We are.... Continue Article Click Here

Insight Meditation Instruction

Vipassana – Insight Meditation was first taught by Siddhata Gotama, more commonly known as the Buddha, 2,600 years ago. The word Buddha is a title, not a name and it.... Continue Article Click Here

Using Touch Points

Deep meditation has five hindrances that will stop it from developing, they are desire, ill will, sloth & torpor, restlessness and sceptical doubt; whilst any of these.... Continue Article Click Here

Thinking - The Off Switch

The natural state of our mind is pure and still, it is peaceful, quiet, and free of thought. In the same way that the sun and sky is blocked out by clouds and fog, our.... Continue Article Click Here

Spot by Spot Meditation

Spot by spot meditation consists of looking over our whole body from head to toe using the strength of silent awareness built up through meditation. This technique can.... Continue Article Click Here

Dealing With Noise

Sound is an inescapable part of life; our eardrums are constantly being bombarded with vibrations that we interpret as sound everyday, some of them we find pleasant.... Continue Article Click Here

Mindfulness Our Refuge

When we find ourselves trapped in a big storm, with strong winds and rain bucketing down, it can be quite scary; our first reaction is to find shelter, a refuge.... Continue Article Click Here

Redefining Our Lives

Our happiness and unhappiness is affected by the way we think, our thinking patterns actually colour the way we perceive the world. Two people can be in the same room.... Continue Article Click Here

Peace in Chaos

It is Christmas time again and our attention starts to turn away from our meditation practice and more towards buying presents and socializing. It can be a very busy time.... Continue Article Click Here

No Fixed Object Meditation

Whether we realise it or not during our normal lives our attention is constantly jumping from one object to another, this happens so fast that outside of meditation it is.... Continue Article Click Here

Sympathetic Joy Meditation

We can consciously develop our positive mental qualities through these meditation techniques. Mudita means Sympathetic Joy or rejoicing at others happiness and prosperity.... Continue Article Click Here

What Meditation Is

Meditation is a process of letting go, not accumulating, it is not another skill or possession that we can add to our list. It’s just the opposite, meditation is about.... Continue Article Click Here

Why Do We Meditate?

To become a more calm person, as stress relief / to relax, to improve concentration, as an aid to work, study or sport, to get to know yourself better, for healing, to be.... Continue Article Click Here

Loving Kindness Meditation

We can consciously develop our positive mental qualities through these loving kindness meditation techniques. Metta – Loving Kindness is a meditation that helps us to.... Continue Article Click Here

Letting Go Meditation

Letting go meditation consists of releasing mental and physical tension with the aid of our breathing to enter into a heightened, clear state of awareness so that we.... Continue Article Click Here

Developing Gratitude

Gratitude is not called the king of emotions but often it feels like it to me, gratitude as an emotion has the ability to make any negative emotional state that is stuck.... Continue Article Click Here

Forgiveness Meditation

Often we hold grudges our whole lives, I have found myself still identifying, 35 years later, as the child that was bullied at school. This pain and resentment still.... Continue Article Click Here

Training the Mind

So much mental illness can be prevented in society if more people meditated, meditation is not something that hippies do or is it for people on the fringes of society.... Continue Article Click Here

Compassion Meditation

We can consciously develop our positive mental qualities through these compassion meditation techniques. Karuna – Compassion is a meditation that helps us to open.... Continue Article Click Here

The Four Devine Abodes

The four Brahmaviharas are Metta – Loving Kindness, Karuna – Compassion, Mudita – Sympathetic Joy and Upekkha – Equanimity, which when practiced can be used to.... Continue Article Click Here

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