Meditation Class - Lesson 16

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Complete Meditation Class

60 Min
1. Talk - Deception of Concepts
2. Guided Awareness of Breath Meditation - Noticing Distraction
3. Talk - Breaking Through Concepts
4. Guided Awareness of Breath Meditation - Pa Auk - Elements
5. Talk - Closing

Through meditation we become sensitive to the motivations driving our actions and waking up from our normal habit of sleep-walking through life, we don’t just react on auto-pilot as we are normally conditioned to do. During meditation we first observe that before any action there is a mental intention to act. As clarity of our observation grows we start to become more sensitive to the whole process involved in everything that we do, allowing us to see clearly that every action produces a result. This makes us more careful about what we think, say or do, as we start to understand how we ourselves construct our own happiness or unhappiness.

The key to this is the level of our sensitivity towards all our intentions and the mental states driving them, for it is at the stage of intention that we have a choice whether to act on our intentions or, letting them pass, take a different path, one that will lead to our future happiness. This gives us more freedom, allowing us to actively direct our lives instead of being pulled blindly along in any direction that our desires take us.

It is important that we are brutally honest with ourselves about the motivating force behind what we do. If it is driven by wanting to gain something for ourselves other then a wholesome state of mind, then the action cannot be said to be pure and it will result in more suffering.

Breaking Through Concepts

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class Cronulla 01/05/2014

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