Meditation Class - Lesson 19

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Complete Meditation Class

60 Min
1. Talk - Mindfulness Protects Us
2. Guided Spot by Spot Meditation
3. Talk - Sustaining Mindfulness
4. Guided Awareness Meditation - Mahasi Method
5. Talk - Closing

If you hold this anchor, awareness of your body, in everything you do it will create a base that you can deal with the world from. This means you will be aware of the sensations in your body at the same time you are dealing with your day to day problems. This point of reference will stop you from being dragged off as deeply into life’s drama, allowing you to observe it as an onlooker instead of being lost in it. This unclouded view point will help you make clearer and more informed decisions, ones that aren’t taken over by and clouded by emotions.

Living in the present moment, free from the control of thinking isn’t a cold or emotionless place, it is just the opposite. You will find that when you are living fully in the present moment you will be less likely to get angry, anxious or frustrated, you won’t crave after things or people like you once did. Instead you will be more open to caring, compassion and happiness of others, the glue that brings people and society together, making your life and everyone else’s around you better

Meditation - Sustaining Mindfulness

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia 22/05/2014

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