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1hr 20min
1. Talk - Introduction
2. Guided Letting Go Meditation
3. Talk - Thinking Changes Perception
4. Guided Awareness Meditation
5. Questions and Answers

When our awareness has not been developed and is weak then our mind tends to divert to autopilot, and here is where the trouble starts. During autopilot we are caught up in or lost in our thoughts or emotions, generally at that time we do not even know it is happening until we have come out of them. This is because while we are absorbed in our thought patterns or emotions the function of awareness is low or completely absent. This low functioning awareness then allows us to take a mind object that doesn’t really exist, usually one that is projected into the past or the future. In other words for that period of time we are living in a fantasy land, one created through our thinking and emotions in our head.

Unfortunately this can become a habit which affects our everyday lives, we get caught up in believing the feelings associated with our emotions and also the chatter inside our heads so much so that they colour and rule the way we perceive the world. This then creates pain because the imaginary world that we are living in and actual reality clash with each other; it is like driving down a road with a fake picture covering the windscreen, incredibly dangerous. This becomes even worse when others also do not perceive reality as it actually is but are living in a world that they perceive through the constant chatter in their heads. Now we have a world full of dodgem cars, someone is going to get hurt.

Meditation - How Thinking Changes Perception

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class Cronulla 23/01/14

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