Meditation Class - Lesson 20

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Complete Meditation Class

60 Min
1. Talk - Resistance & Non Resistance
2. Guided Awareness Meditation - of each moment
3. Talk - Ending Resistance
4. Guided Letting Go Meditation - non resistance
5. Talk - Closing

Life can often feel confusing; events in our lives feel disjointed, without meaning, like we are drowning with no escape. Even when we finally get a glimpse of happiness something or someone always appears to take it away. It is easy to feel like there is a conspiracy against us, that everything is a struggle, looking around watching others living their lives in what appears to be happiness, and we feel, deep in our hearts, "there is something wrong with me."

Sadly this can lead to the closing and hardening of our hearts, not physically, but emotionally, we find ourselves shutting off from the world for fear of more hurt, closing off even from those near to us. Outside we carry a brave face, inside a festering wound, we feel like screaming at times "why me, why does this always happen to me?"

Meditation - Ending Resistance

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia 29/05/2014

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