Meditation Class - Lesson 3

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60 Min
1. Talk - Introduction
2. Guided Breath Meditation
3. Talk - Removing Distracting Thoughts
4. Guided Awareness Meditation - no Object
5. Talk - Closing

Thinking is meant to be a tool, it has its purpose for solving problems, for reflecting on the past or trying to predict a possible future, but like any other tool once you have finished with it then it is meant to be put back down. The problem arises when we carry our thinking with us everywhere we go, when we can’t find the off switch. Our thoughts then dominate our lives, becoming our reality, the lens through which we view the world. Incessant unstoppable thinking is a common problem, it’s a problem because it is not how it is meant to be and from that it leads to much of the suffering we find in our lives.

Meditation - Replacing Distracting Thoughts

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class Cronulla 30/01/14

As soon as we notice a negative pattern of thinking happening we need to stop acting on it, resist the desire, it cannot hurt us. The desire can scream, shout at and threaten us, but its threats are hollow, it is like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum in the corner of the room. Once we have resisted the desire we then place our awareness on, not of what the target of the thinking or emotion is, but on what that thought or emotion feels like. We can identify it by its feeling, if it is negative and causes ourselves or others pain, we will feel bad inside, and our calmness will be gone. Through understanding we can see the danger of following through with negative states of mind, that becoming involved with them will only cause more pain. Understanding this instead of exercising them we can discard them, in the same way that a well dressed person would discard a dirty rag that is sitting on their shoulder we too can feel the same way towards patterns of thought that do not define the type of person we want to be.

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