Meditation Class - Lesson 4

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Complete Meditation Class

60 Min
1. Talk - Introduction
2. Guided Breath Meditation
3. Talk - Present Moment Awareness
4. Guided Awareness Meditation - no Object
5. Talk - Closing

To understand our patterns we need to create an observation platform, we need to have a base that we can come back to, something that is available in each moment. For this we begin by building up awareness on our body. Our bodies contain sensations within them like tension, hardness, movement, tingling, hot, cold etc. Usually we don't pay much attention to them unless we find them particularly pleasurable or painful. The beauty is that they are present all the time, making them the perfect object to start our meditation practice on.

Meditation - Replacing Distracting Thoughts

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class Cronulla 06/02/2014

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