Meditation Class - Lesson 7

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Complete Meditation Class

60 Min
1. Talk - Opening Talk
2. Guided Letting Go Meditation
3. Talk - Understanding Loving Kindness
4. Guided Loving Kindness Meditation - Pervasive
5. Talk - Closing

Metta – Loving Kindness Meditation

We can consciously develop our positive mental qualities through these loving kindness meditation techniques. Metta – Loving Kindness is a meditation that helps us to open our hearts to ourselves and others. If practiced regularly it will become your natural way of responding to any situation. What is really remarkable about this is when you react with an open heart any difficult situations you come across in life tend to dissolve within themselves, and difficult people become your friends. It may sound unbelievable but it is true, of course the only way you will ever know is to try it for yourself.

Metta – Loving Kindness has the feeling of caring and support, it can be directed at ourselves and others removing any feeling of separateness. It is the direct opposite to anger and ill-will and as such can be used to weaken or remove these negative patterns. This is because only one thinking pattern can exist at any moment, we can’t dislike and care for someone at any one time, taking advantage of this we can replace a negative pattern of thought with a positive one.

Understanding Loving Kindness

Talk by Stephen Procter at a Meditation in The Shire class Cronulla 27/02/2014

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