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This section is dedicated to questions on Mindfulness Meditation from many students all over the world. If you have a question that you would like to ask you can ask it here: Contact Stephen
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Mindfulness Meditation Questions

How Do I Create Acceptance?

QUESTION from Anomynous: With the sensations I feel on particular side of my body that I mentioned; I need to accept them as part of me not resist, don't judge it, . ....
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Can't Accept Unpleasant Sensation

QUESTION from Laura: According to your "softening to experience" video we need to identify the sensations in the body and then change the mental "no" to "yes" . ....
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Trance or Awareness During Meditation?

QUESTION from Laura: I felt my observing self as a tiny dot in my colossal inside body. This feels almost like a trance. I remember going there in my youth . ....
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Relaxing on the Out Breath

QUESTION from Peter: Enjoyed this class and felt the in and out breathing more relaxing, think this was due to what you said about on the out breath . ....
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Meditating With Pain

QUESTION from Betty: I've tried to do this a few times when I had pain in my stomach.. it is extremely difficult because when the pain is heavy . ....
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Mindfulness, Awareness & Concentration

QUESTION from Dream: I still don't really understand the difference between Mindfulness and Concentration. Is there a difference?: . ....
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Understanding the Two Paths of Mindfulness

QUESTION from Christoph: "Hello Stephen, there is still some unclarity about the two paths of Mindfulness meditation. I understand the following: . ....
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Miserable & Sad all Day

QUESTION from Anomynous: I've been walking around most of yesterday and now today feeling miserable and sad. I'm not sure if anything is troubling me or . ....
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Smothered by Strong Emotions

QUESTION from Anomynous: This is really tough. I keep slipping into this feeling like I'm being smothered. I know there will be light. So I feel. ....
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Strong Emotions in Daily Life

QUESTION from Christoph: When I try to recall situations during meditation that triggered strong emotions in the past (anger, fear etc.) I observe . ....
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Different Mindfulness Paths

QUESTION from Tyler: Hello Stephen, while reading Satipatthana Vipassana @, I found the following statements: “Seeing or hearing. ....
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Pain While Meditating

QUESTION from Manoj: I am not able to sit straight, for 18 mins and if I lie. down start feeling pain in lower back after some time feel I should ....
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Thinking Dosn't Stop

QUESTION from Tyler: When meditating and concentrating on a particular thing like the whole breath or touch, i am focused on the particular thing. ....
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Mindfulness Meditation and Anxiety

QUESTION from Anonymous: Hi I suffer from major social anxiety and panic attacks. I'm unable to do many things for fear of a panic attack. Like going to. ....
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Feeling Mental Stickiness

QUESTION from Anomynous: I heard the you speak of memories and thinking about the future are the element water, they are sticky. Is that how to determine them? ....
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Learning the Labelling Method

QUESTION from Laura: Hi Stephen, I am just a beginner in meditation (did it in my twenties though, but not the right way I find out now). I consider myself. ....
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Dealing With Frustration

QUESTION from Anomynous: Got really frustrated with my daughter tonight, but felt it was too late to do anything, got up and walked around later thinking about my feet Click Here

Meditating in Noisy Home

QUESTION from Jose: I need to find a calm and peaceful place to meditate, I don't know where, since I live on a crowded city and my house is full of noise Click Here

Is My Mind Multitasking?

QUESTION from Dream: I stay with the breath "in, in, out, out,..." but can have a thought at the same time, without getting lost in the thought. Still staying with the Click Here

Observing Emotion Behind Thinking

QUESTION from Dream: Oh yeah, and a question: where does the emotion behind the thinking come in? You mentioned this, but how do we work with that in the exercize? Trying to Click Here

Missing My Children

QUESTION from Anomynous: I was wandering if you could give me some tips when my children are with thier father and I deeply miss them. I spoke to you a few weeks ago and was in tears Click Here

Boredom During Meditation

QUESTION from Martin: I saw your movie on youtube about meditation on the breath. You talked about experiecing the breath and you could exprerience all kind of aspects, Click Here

Having Trouble with Thinking

QUESTION from Julie: Hi Stephen, I go to your Thursday class and really enjoy it, I have a question, I hope you can help me :) When I try to meditate, especially at home, Click Here

Thinking - Meditation to Use?

QUESTION from Mandy: Stephen, I tried to watch my thinking but it was very hard, what type of meditation should I do to make this easier, we use so many different types in class? Click Here

Sitting on the Floor?

QUESTION from Anonymous: Hello :D I tried to sit on the floor to meditate but my back and hips hurt, I can't even get my foot on my leg, is it ok if I lean against a wall? Click Here

Lights During Meditation

QUESTION from Mandy: Hi Stephen :) lately when I have been meditating I have been seeing lights, are they important to my meditation, it is really nice when they come? Click Here

Meditation Practice Troubles

QUESTION from Anonymous: Hi Stephen, I'm a student from one of your meditation classes. I haven't been able to come to class lately as it clashed with work, but I have kept Click Here

Trouble Finding Breathing

QUESTION from Anonymous: Hi there, as strange as this seems when I try to do meditation using the breath in my stomach as the object like instructed the feeling of it disappears Click Here

How Much Effort?

QUESTION from Martin: Another question popped up. Talking about quality of attention, how much effort is there needed? I read things like, paying attention if your life depends Click Here

Having Trouble Sleeping

QUESTION from Julie: Recently I have been very busy with family and work, it is now at the stage that it is driving me crazy, I am so exhausted. I have tried meditating Click Here

Overcoming Past Trauma

QUESTION from Anonymous: I have experienced alot of trauma in my life and am feeling very stuck, how can I overcome this using meditation? I keep thinking about it all Click Here

Letting Go Meditation

QUESTION from Misty: Hi Stephen, I enjoy doing the letting go practice in class, out of all the types on meditation I feel like I get the deepest peace from it. Could you Click Here

Breathing Dissapearing

QUESTION from Mandy: I have found lately that when I meditate my breathing becomes feint and disappears, I then take some fast breaths so that I can watch it again Click Here

Developing Concentration

QUESTION from James: You mentioned that in concentration practice, the breath may seem to disappear, and then reappear again very subtly, eventually leading to an unmistakable Click Here

Restless during meditation

QUESTION from James: Also found it very interesting when you talked about the five hindrances before and after our mindfulness meditation. I found I was quite restless Click Here

Personality and meditation

QUESTION from James: You also discussed personality as the major factor in determining which meditation path to concentrate on, which seems easy enough, except it isn't!! Click Here

Mahasi Labelling Method

QUESTION from Dream: So now I wonder: when to come back to the primary meditation object (rising/falling) ? I mean, If we go "thinking thinking", or "dreaming dreaming", we could Click Here

When to Use Labels?

QUESTION from Dream: So I'm at "rising, falling" and then I hear in the distance a car drive by, BUT I'm not distracted by it. I keep very focused on the rising falling Click Here

Falling Asleep Meditating?

QUESTION from Dream: Lately, I've been falling asleep in meditation (while sitting) by going so deep that I actually lose consciousness. Is that bad? Anyway I feel very refreshed Click Here

Stress & Meditation

QUESTION from Blinkin: Thank you so much for this video. I've been under stress nobody should ever have to experience...I used to meditate and it helped me. I don't know why I stopped Click Here

Thinking Stops

QUESTION from Hive: I have noticed that whenever i pay attention to a thought it immediately stops? or any other thing that happens when the mind wanders Click Here

Are Daydreams Harmful?

QUESTION from Christian: thank you for the reassurance. I'll will continue to train and practice. I know you must be a busy man, but I have only one more question. Now that I know it Click Here

Training the Mind

QUESTION from Christian: After reading this I took some time to reflect and monitor what my mind thinks about. It's spot on , on what you said. It's amazing how some of us just Click Here

Stillness & Dullness

QUESTION from Dream: Thanks once again for an excellent lecture!
What is the difference between the "stillness" and the dullness you described earlier in the video? Click Here

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